First Class Upgrade

Last night as I sat in my terminal watching people on standby claw at each other like caged animals, I was a little worried that there might be a problem with my ticket. The attendant called my name over the speaker, and I raced to the counter. He looked at me, and handed me a ticket that read “2E.” “Enjoy this,” he said, “you probably won’t ever have something like this happen again.” I had been upgraded to a first class ticket for no extra charge. I was ecstatic. I’ve probably flown over 150 times before in my life, and I’ve never ridden first class.

The craziest part is that I talked to Darren the next morning, and he told me that the exact same thing had happened to him. We both flew first class to Florida. Looks like we have some good vibes on our side.

I’ve been thinking more about what the flight attendant said this morning. Obviously he was talking about our ticket, but I think it was a message about our journey. Darren should be picking me up in a couple minutes.

We are ready to run.


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