The Bear decides to try this blogging thing out

Day 1: Let me give you a little more in-depth analysis of my first day. You all already know that I got a flat tire after only 5 miles of starting the trip. I don’t even know how that is possible. There was no puncture in the tire so Taylor and I disconnected my back brakes, removed the chain, took the tire off the wheel and ripped out the tube. I found a tear next to the valve which generally indicates that it’s simply a faulty tube. No biggie. It probably took us somewhere around 20-25 minutes to change it. Ya, I know…a little slow. However, it was my first flat ever and Taylor and I had only learned half a day before how to change a flat. We did it and the rest was smooth sailing! Oh wait, that’s a lie! About 15 miles down the road I ran into “precious.” She’s a 90lb pitbull who enjoys feasting on human flesh for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So I’m coming around this corner and I see this dog from a few hundred yards away. She looks at me, I look at her and I knew it was trouble. I booked it, I mean I absolutely floored it. I was already a little exhausted but I had enough energy to boogie, so I boogied like whoa and got out of there. Well, I didn’t boogie hard enough. Precious caught me but was fascinated with my bright yellow trailer and after a few hundred yards of pedaling as fast as I could, she finally gave up on trying to feast on my 65lb dry sac which contains everything that will essentially keep me alive during these next 2 months. Precious fell back and I immediatley went into recovery mode for the next 5 minutes. My legs burned, they burned badly! I could feel the lactic acid pumping throwing my quadriceps. Between the sprint and the fear my heart was averaging about 300 bpm. Again, I recovered and I was doing ok.

Taylor laughs for about 5 minutes straight. He found it quite amusing. If he had been chased I suppose I would have gotten a chuckle out of it too but it was me and not Taylor. Then literally, 1 mile later, I ran into Megatron. Most of you know Megatron from Transformers. However this Megatron happens to be Florida’s prize winning Pitbull, weighing in at an astonishing 125lbs. Fortunately, Megatron was tied up though. Thank God! I was spared…for about 20 seconds. I pass Megatron’s house, Megatron starts freaking out, jumping up and down and most likely gnawed away at the rope or chain that was holding him down. I look back and Megatron is flying after me with his chain/rope dragging along behind him. I have a solid 200 yard jump on the dog so I figured he would give up. He didn’t. He was going to have his way with me. I mean seriously, this dog was scary. And fast!  We are talking SEA BISCUIT fast. The Usain Bolt of dogs. Fastest dog in America, no questions asked. He was an absolute machine. I was already dead tired from Precious chasing me but I had no option. I had to dig back into my reserves and put the after burners on. It didn’t matter. Megatron was faster! Much faster! In all honesty, he probably chased me almost half a mile. If he wanted to, he would of gotten me. Thankfully, he stopped right when he got to my trailer. He literally just stopped and watched me get off his block. Divine intervention…possibly? Eitherway, I’m happy it ended the way it did.

Nice first day huh?

Day two:
Nothing too exciting happened. Met some cool people and ate a ton of fast food. We are actually staying w/ an awesome mom and dad and their 5 kids right in Gainsville. We have done 100 miles in 2 days. We are hitting our average of 50 miles a day. I’m tired, i gotta go to bed. I just wanted to get a blog in, who knows when I’ll have time to add another blog. My butt hurts. I’m going to ice it now. I’ll give a more thorough update later. Cold weather is coming our way. I’m not sure how I feel about this but I dunno, as Taylor and I always say…”We’ll figure it out.” Sleeping in sub freezing conditions isn’t exactly my idea of fun or safe but it might have to be done. If that’s the case, i’ll try and find a decent location not too secluded or anything.On the plus side our sleeping bags are rated for 20 degrees.

It’s 9:50pm right now. Ice, stretch, in bed by 10:45pm. Wake up at 7:00am and probably hit the road early. More to come later. I’m not very good w/ technology but Taylor said I could post pictures on here. I don’t have many but I’ll try and make my blog a little more colorful for you guys. Enjoy the snow to all my friends/family back on the East Coast and in Wisconsin.

Anyone feel like doing a little cycling with us? I’d love another rider. Taylor, you’re great and all but safety in numbers buddy.

Night guys!

– Oso


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