Thursday, January 9th

I (Darren) just woke up. It’s about 8:00am. I came down w/ quite the nasty cold. We have been doing smaller treks so that I can give my body a chance to beat this cold and it seems to be working. I’m feeling better today, not a 100% healthy yet but I’m getting there. My legs are tight, my butt and knees are a little sore but this is part of the “getting in shape” phase. I surely could use a massage right about now. I’ll wait till I’m back in Paraguay though, it’s only $12 for an hour. Can you believe that? I use to pay somewhere around $80 for an hour here in the states. I could probably haggle for a package of 8 massages for $80 back in Tobati. Why spend $80 for 1 massage when I could get 8. Maybe I can get Taylor to work on the legs for a little bit. Not quite sure how I ask him that without creeping him out. What do you think Tay Tay?  I know you will see this so ummm, just let me know what your thoughts are on this. Okay, great.

Gosh, there are so many things I’d love to share with you guys but we need to ride. Hopefully tonight we have internet access again so I can upload a decent blog. No crazy dog stories just yet but we had a very wonderful past couple of nights. I’m loving the southern hospitality thus far.

ps. It’s finally starting to warm up. It will be nice to pedal w/ out my toes and fingers going numb. That polar blast was no joke. You wouldn’t believe some of the conditions we were riding through. It felt like we were in the arctic at times. Tonight or tomorrow Taylor and I will try and upload some videos. I feel like I said that in the last blog but I mean it this time. Take care YA’LL!


One thought on “Thursday, January 9th

  1. Hi Darren! You are crazy! But wow, what a great adventure! We’re rooting for you and your co-biker! Good luck and be safe! Matt Jodi Brendan and Katie

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