Jan 10-11 Madison, FL – Tallahassee , FL

We woke up Friday around 7:20ish. We had a goal to be on the road by 8:00am and I’m pretty sure we came pretty darn close to meeting our scheduled departure which generally doesn’t happen. We picked up 4 breakfast sandwiches at Mcdonalds before we hit the road and taylor decided to get himself an extra breakfast burrito for a mid ride snack. How gross does that sound? Downing 1000s of calories of greasy bacon egg and cheeses and then proceeding to pedal for hours on end isn’t what professionals would recommend. But, that’s how Taylor and I have been doing it. In the end, calories are calories and we don’t have tons of time to prepare a nice nutrient rich meal. I’m not going to lie, It kind of bothered me at first but now I could care less. I just want to make sure we are consuming enough calories to keep us going throughout the the day.

We went off the route today to take a more direct route into Tallahassee. The map had us covering about 80 miles and Taylor and I found a more direct route which covered  roughly 65 miles. Changing the route saved us about an hour or so of cycling. I have no problem shaving off a few miles here or there whenever possible. Tallahassee was an extremely hilly city. Getting into the city was pretty exhausting but Taylor and I both felt good despite all the rolling hills.

We got in got into Tallahassee somewhere around 5:00pm or so. We actually drove right through the Florida State University campus which was very cool. In fact, our hosts for that night and the following day lived about 800 meters from the Football Stadium. Taylor actually got to take a little tour of the stadium that evening with one of the hosts but I opted to stay in and play darts with the other roommates. We spent Saturday in Tallahassee because there were tornadoes warnings in the area. It stormed hard most of the day so it was a good call taking a rest day.

Kevin, Sherry, Abby, Chad, Eric  and Snow- Thank you all for opening up your home to Taylor and I. We had a great time getting to know you guys and exchanging stories. Hopefully our paths will cross again later down the road. Best of luck to all of you.

*Sidenote* – Kevin is actually walking (YES WALKING) across the country in a few months to raise awareness about Diabetes. He is doing the trip entirely alone and plans on doing the trip in around 4 months. He is an animal. Check him out!

Alright, It’s 9:30pm. I’m so tired. I haven’t been sleeping well since the trip started for some reason. I would have thought that I’d be sleeping like a champion but that has not been the case. Hopefully tonight is a different story. Goodnight everyone!

– Oso


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