Happy to be here. Off for Super Bowl weekend.

The guys are excited for a little break from biking. Sure, they love their Trek 520s, but like every relationship sometimes some space is healthy. Sleep, barbecue and live music are on the agenda.

Mama ross spontaneously booked a flight to Austin earlier this week after seeing the length of her son’s beard. “He just does NOT look presentable,” friends heard her say.

The rumor circuit is swirling with whisperings. Espn insider Ric Bucher reports that both parties are close to striking a deal that will result with Taylor trimming his beard in return for a comp’d day at the spa and a gift to be named later.

Stay tuned.




2 thoughts on “Happy to be here. Off for Super Bowl weekend.

  1. You guys are doing awesome … and your blogs are amazing! Keep up the great pedaling … we’re rooting for you from Wisconsin!! Enjoy Superbowl weekend!! Jodi Matt Brendan Katie

    • Thanks guys! So glad you are all following along. It’s tough but we are having a good time for sure. What an experience this has been. I’m really hoping I can make it to Wisconsin in July. Fingers crossed!

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